It is an interactive series based on the original comic book. It's the story of how our every day world is suddenly menaced by all kinds of digital diseases. Only one person can cure the virus — Digital Doctor.



The series consists of both the usual shooting material and various game mechanics. Each episode includes gamification and engages users in interaction.



The story of Doc will continue in comics. Our studio is planning a full-scale season release in 2020. We promise to deliver a whole new quality of the script, shooting material and interactive elements. Moreover, we plan to develop a universe of characters and their stories.



We stands for "Diki Digital" Studio. It has been around for a little bit more than a year. We love movies, TV series and video games. We are engaged in the production of digital stories and advertising projects.




Our studio is grateful to those who helped us create Doc's world. Say hello to our superheroes!


Authors of the idea: Victor Kravchenko, Victoria Kravchenko

Written and directed by: Victor Kravchenko

Starring: Danila Yakushev, Julia Franz, Eugene Yarushnikov, Victor Pipa, Chloe Boisjoli, Alexander Marcelo and students of “KIDS Acting Anti Studio” and “Stas Namin's Theater Studio”

Second director: Mari Kuleshova, Victoria Kravchenko

Executive producer: Mari Kuleshova

Line producer: Natalia Reznikova

Creative producer: Victoria Kravchenko

Director of photography: Kirill Pashovkin

Editing Director: Evgeny Uskov 

Lighting team leader: Vladimir Matveev

Lighting team: Maxim Rissukhin, Alexander Syachin, Dmitry Alenichev

Sound engineers on site: Alexandra Kanapina, Tatyana Bulycheva, Valentin Mingalev, Kirill Jaborov

Focus puller: Maxim Potapov, Dmitry Podzorov, Robert Smight

Director of locations: Natalia Reznikova

Costume designer: Ekaterina Reshnova

Assistant costume designer: Tatiana Mizyova

Assistant on site: Andrew Burkov

Production designer: Ekaterina Reshnova

Assistant production designer: Tatiana Mizyova 

Props-masters: Levon Melkonyan, Sonya Filippova, Vitaly Fadin

Makeup artists: Katherine Pozdnyakova, Tatyana Buzadji

Camera operator [backstage]: Pavel Ryazanov

Photographers [backstage]: Stepan Tarasov, Mikhail Frantskevich, Pavel Ryazanov

Clapper board specialist: Damir Vakilov

Post production producer: Mari Kuleshova

Game interfaces producer: Victor Kravchenko

CG supervisor: Dmitry Grigoriev

2D-Artist: Lesya Naumova, Paula Domenti, Mikhail Kievitsky

Compositing Artists: Sergey Nechitailo, Anna Voskresenskaya, Alexander Perminov, Alexey Prodan

3D-Animator: Evgeny Grigoriev, Alexander Gluschenko

Game interfaces art director: Mikhail Kievitskij

3D-Animator of the series cover: Polina Paramonova

Sound design: Sync Lab Production

Sound design (trailer): Anton Efimov

Post production sound engineer: Valentin Borisevich

Post production sound engineer (trailer): Tatyana Bulycheva

Color correction: Andrew Bushmin (CVET)

Color correction (trailer): Ian Tsarev

Web developers: Pavel Kosyakov, Alexander Sukhachev, Alexander Kremle

Storyboard artist: Ekaterina Strelnikova

Retouch artist (main poster): Pyotr Razumovskiy

Posters designer: Natalia Mikhalycheva

Comic book writers: Vyacheslav Doronin, Alexey Efremov

Collection artist: Alexey Efremov

Web comic artist: Vyacheslav Doronin

We want to thank the band "Porn Films" for its awesome track "Youth" which was provided for the main trailer

Special thanks to the owner of the resuscitation equipment, the owner and the driver of the makeup trailer, the driver of the electric generator, the driver of the minibus, the owners who provided their apartments for filming and their neighbours, and the owner of the car "Niva" from Zelenograd